L5R A Deadly Assignment

Ramblings of Takashi

Ronin, why must it always be ronin.

Perhaps it is punishment for my failures, and if so most deserved, but i yearn to work with those who take their positions seriously. The new leader sent by my clan is more reserved, but it is to early to tell if she will prove a worthy leader. At least i hope she will not spend her time hitting on the magistrate.

Thus far we are victorious, though my injuries leave me feeling less then enthusiastic. Still, the magistrate lives and i have gained a true ally i think for my efforts.

On that note the Ronin who would call me coward, they have been offered a great honor. Adoption into the Unicorn clan. Were i in such a position there would be no question of acceptance, but being clanless must twist ones mind for there is a degree of doubt as to their choice.

Regardless my time spent healing, though painfully slow, has granted me time to perfect a new technique, and given all things that we now face i feel i shall be soon putting it to work.



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