L5R A Deadly Assignment

Story to Date

Late in the evening 2 weeks ago a crab clan Samurai, by the name Hida Kumara, was found dead in a house of ill repute on Teardrop Island, in the city of Ryoko Owari. It was a servant who discovered him, the name of the establishment was the House of Falling Plum Blossoms. Witnesses claim the man’s head was removed, and a slight man in red… or blood splattered kimono was said to have been seen fleeing the scene. Later one such witness, a lion clan samurai named Akoto Genshi, positively identified Shosuro Hametsu, as the Crab’s guest in the common room, and based on the physical description of the suspect fleeing (slight, wearing red), on the surface they seem to be the same man.

Shosuro Hametsu was not found at the scene, and no one remembers when he left the establishment. In fact, no one seems to know where he is at all.

Because the lion bushi is of insufficient social status for his word to be enough to arrest a major lord, the empire has asked for a full investigation. Which is where you all come in. If you can convince Shinjo Haruko of the identity of the actual murderer, you will have carried out the will of the emperor in this matter. As Shinjo Haruko has the authority to judge even a man of Shosuro Hametsu’s status in this matter.



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