Kichirou stands 5' 10", dressed in a green Kimono, a straw hat on his head and light sandles on his feet. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and his face is covored in scars. He also smells strongly of sake.


NAME: Kichirou

CLAN: none

SCHOOL: none


INSIGHT: 141 (rings * 10 + skillranks)

(all attributes are base of 2, add your family and school bonuses, the ring is = to the lowest attribute in the ring)

3 Earth:

  • Stamina 3
  • Willpower 3

2 Water:

  • Strength 3
  • Perception 2

2 Fire:

  • Agility 3
  • Intelligence 2

3 Air:

  • Reflexes 3
  • Awareness 3

2 Void:

  • Void Points Spent __

Primary Weapon

  • Roll & Keep to Hit: (agility + weapon skill, keep agility)
  • Roll & Keep to Damage: (strength + weapon)

TN To Be Hit: 20 armored 15 unarmored (reflexes * 5 + armor)

Initiative: 3(d10+reflexes)



  • Hunting(perception) 2
  • Investigation(perception,intelligence,awareness) 2
  • Armorer(earth ring) 2
  • Horsemanship(varies) 2
  • Kenjutsu(agility) 3
  • Defense(agility) 2
  • Stealth(agility) 2
  • Battle(perception) 2
  • Heraldry(perception) 2
  • Onojutsu(aglity) 2


  • Strength of the Earth 2
  • Minor ally Shinjo Harako


  • Social Disadvantage Ronin
  • Benten’s Curse
  • Chemical Dependency Sake

Damage per rank: (Earth Ring * 4)

  • Healthy (+0): 12
  • Nicked (+5): 12
  • Grazed (+10): 12
  • Hurt (+15): 12
  • Injured (+20): 12
  • Crippled (+25): 12
  • Down (+30): 12
  • Out: 12


  • Glory: 2.5
  • Honor: 3.8
  • Experience Gained: 30
  • Experience Spent: 28

Ono, Katana, Wakizashi, Bow, 10 arrows, Light Armor, Sandals, Traveling Pack (Dired rice and fish wrapped in rice paper), Kimono, 20ft braided hair rope, Quiver, Backpack, Flint and Steel, Games, Paper Lantern, Straw hat, Sake 4 bottles, Sake set. (Go) 4 bu (sliver) 30 zeni(copper)



Kichirou was born a year after his brother Daisuke. The sons were born to a peasant family, but this was not to last. When they where very young, there was a fire that killed their mother, father. The boys survived, they survived as street rats, they got in to scraps and fights, ending sometimes on top, and in others barley making it out alive. Kichirou always took the brunt of the beatings.

They found jobs for them selves, working in rice fields, cooking, cleaning and what ever else they could find. As Daisuke approached his twentieth birthday a skirmish over borders broke out and the two where conscripted to fight. Kichirou and Daisuke fought like that had in their youth, and their bodies bore the scars for the efforts. The brothers could only trust each other on the field of battle. When the conflict was over, Kichirou was left with scares that made him repulsive to others. When they where released from service, Kichirou had managed to hold on to some weapons and told his brother that he could not go back to the life they had, and begged Daisuke to join him on his new journey. Daisuke turned him down, went home and found a wife. Kichirou was struck by this, and took up drinking to ease the pain of his scars and perceived loss of his brother.


Kichirou wandered the country side, drank sake, and made a name for him self with the skills he had learned. For that he was hired by the scorpion clan to act as a little muscle to aid in their investigation, but he has other plans.


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