Yogo Chie


Name: Yogo Chie (CHEE-eh)

Clan: Scorpion

School: Yogo Shugenja

Rank: 1

Insight: 98

2 Earth:

  • Stamina 2
  • Willpower 3

2 Water:

  • Strength 2
  • Perception 3


  • Agility 2
  • Intelligence 3


  • Reflexes 3
  • Awareness 2

2 Void

  • Void points spent: 0

Primary Weapon:
Yumi 2k2 (Bow)

TN to be hit 15


  • Calligraphy: 2
  • History: 2
  • Lore (history): 1
  • Meditation: 1
  • Theology: 2
  • Archery: 2
  • War Fan: 2
  • Defense: 1


  • Clear Thinker


  • The Yogo Curse
  • Can’t Lie
  • Sworn Enemy

Glory: 1

Honor: 2.5

Yogo Chie is a shugenja of the Scorpion Clan’s Yogo Family. She is twenty-two years old and has an average build, but is a little short. She has black hair that comes to her shoulders and bright green eyes. She dresses in a white hakui style haori and black hakama. She wears a white cat mask that covers the top half of her face. The mask has green outlines around the eyes and black detailing on the rest of the features. Her only decorations are a green ribbon tying back her hair, another keeping her mask on, and a string of plain green beads around her neck. Chie and her twin brother Nao were thought to be a great blessing to the Yogo family. The somewhat superstitious Scorpion clan members find twins to be quite lucky, and a girl with green eyes is said to be unable to tell a lie. The twins were inseparable through their childhood, and loved each other very much. Chie was to become a shugenja, and Nao a samurai. They both showed a great deal of promise, Nao an excellent young swordsman, Chie quite bright. Nao was betrothed to Ishawa Keiko of the Phoenix Clan, a very vain and shallow young woman. She approved of the marriage only because Nao was a handsome and promising man. When the twins were seventeen, Chie was learning to use a tessen to defend herself. She would often practice forms in the garden, until one day Nao snuck up behind her, jokingly trying to frighten her. He grabbed her shoulder suddenly, and in her fright, Chie turned and struck him with the fan. The metal edge slashed across his face and broke his nose. When she realized what she had done, Chie was heartbroken. She screamed for help and tried to help her brother, but in the end it was not enough. When the injury finally healed, Nao had a scar running from one eyebrow down to the opposite cheekbone, and his nose was crooked from the break. Keiko was disgusted by Nao’s scarred face, and did all she could to break the marriage contract, but her family and Nao’s would not allow it. Her protests brought shame upon Nao, who was now thoroughly miserable. Scarred and doomed to wed a woman who found him repulsive, he turned on his sister. One night while she slept, Nao crept to Chie’s bedside and used his tanto to cut off her hair, a terrible insult and dishonor. Chie was horrified when she woke, and the twins’ parents were outraged until they realized that this was the fulfilling of the Yogo curse. They told Nao and Chie to try to forgive one another and accept what had occurred between them. They were able to be civil, but their close bond was never the same. In her shame Chie donned a new mask, choosing the face of a cat. She chose this mask because cats ware considered unlucky by the Scorpion Clan, and she felt as if misfortune followed her. The situation became even worse when Nao and Keiko were wed. Keiko blamed Chie for her husband’s disfigurement, and swore and undying hatred for her sister-in-law. Chie tried to protest and fight back when Keiko schemed against her, but it did no good. She finally went to her daimyo to request an assignment that would remove her from the path of the vicious Keiko.

Yogo Chie

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