The Pale Scorpion (Takashi)

Dead Samurai Walking


NAME: Bayushi Takashi (The Pale Scorpion)

CLAN: Scorpion

SCHOOL: Bayushi Bushi


  • Way of the Scorpion: Extra 1d10 Initiative
  • Pincers and Tail: Agility + Kenjutsu vs opponents reflex x5, if successful opponents TN to hit on the next round is 5.



02 Earth:
  • Stamina 03
  • Willpower 02
02 Water:
  • Strength 02
  • Perception 02
03 Fire:
  • Agility 03
  • Intelligence 03
03 Air:
  • Reflexes 03
  • Awareness 03
02 Void:
  • Void Points Spent __

Primary Weapon

Katana 3k2

  • Roll & Keep to Hit: 3 Agility + 3 Kenjutsu
  • Roll & Keep to Damage: 3k2 + 2 str

TN To Be Hit: 20 (15+5)

Initiative: 2k2 3



  • Archery: +1
  • Courtier: +2
  • Defense: +3
  • Etiquette: +3
  • Horsemanship: +3
  • Iaijutsu: +3
  • Kenjutsu: +3
  • Law: +1
  • Poison: +1
  •  Sincerity: +1
  • Stealth: +1
  • Yarijutsu: +3


  • Higher purpose: You have dedicated yourself to a higher purpose or goal, when taking a step towards that goal you gain a bonus experience point at the end of the session.
  • Major Ally: Shinjo Haruko
  • Clear Thinker: It isn't easy to trick you, when another character attempts to do so add +10 to the TN.
  • Death Trance: You do not fear death, autronmatically succeed fear checks.


  • Driven: This man is driven towards a gioal and will sacrifice friends, family and even honor to achieve it.
  • Phobia: Fear of Drowning, face a army or swim… Face the army, yes, thats the better idea. 
  • Social Disadvantage: Your let your lord die? oh yes, of course we respect you oh mighty samurai, of course we do…


Damage per rank: (Earth Ring*4)
  • Healthy (0): 8
  • Nicked (5): 8
  • Grazed (10): 8
  • Hurt (15): 8
  • Injured (20): 8
  • Crippled (25): 8
  • Down (30): 8
  • Out: 8


Glory: 2

Honor: 2.0

Experience Gained: +3

Experience Spent: 28

Equipment: Katana, Wakizashi, Bow, Katana (back-up), Helm, light Armor, Yari, Kimono, traveling pack, 1 koku, Fine emerald kimono.



Of slightly below average height the man is wiry and lean. His face, usually covered up by a mask, features a trimmed black beard and a vertical scar over his left eye. His hair itself is long and lustrous, pulled back into a ponytail that goes below his waist.

His mask covers his face whole and is a plain white with enamel trim in red, it is expressionless with no mouth or nose and bears no marks beyond a “scar” etched over the left eye and featuring a gold inlay in the “wound”.

His eyes are difficult to make out behind the mask but are black with a watchful gaze and a hint of anger to them.



Takashi was your average samurai up until his lord was killed while he and several others were out hunting. Upon their return the lord along with the others were found dead, and no clue as to the culprit behind the dastardly attack.

 He with the remaining samurai took a oath as one to seek out vengeance. To those few they died with their lord, merely shadows lingering for revenge. Once satisfied they would join their lord. As such Takashi considers himself dead, and his pale garb and mask reflect this. His primary goal is to find his masters killer and avenge him, then finishing his oath and taking his own life to join those he failed.

However one must survive if one is to find the elusive killer(s) and as such he continues to act in his clans service, seeking out clues as he does so to the mysterious murder of his own master long ago.

 Not alone in this task he has great trust in his brothers who walk this land as the dead, and a great hatred for his fallen brethren, those who abandoned their oath to live again. His hatred of them unending so long as he himself has no desire to take back his life that he set aside.

The Pale Scorpion (Takashi)

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