Welcome honorable brothers, sisters and allies of the Scorpion Clan, and our noble Daimyo Bayushi Shoju

I am Shosuro Yuuji, Daimyo of Yatsuba Castle located just 3 days from Ryoko Owari Toshi, near the 3 way boarder between the Lion, Scorpion and Unicorn Clans, and north of Nihai Tower. I have been charged in the name of the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII to investigate a murder. The chief suspect has been named as Shosuro Hametsu, the Daimyo of the Shosuro family. One of the great houses of the Scorpion clan has been accused of something unthinkable. I have been charged with learning the truth. You have charged with acting as my eyes and ears, in the official post of Yoriki

You will travel to Ryoko Owari Toshi; there you will report to Imperial Magistrate Shinjo Haruko, the daughter of the Daimyo of the Unicorn clan, Shinjo Yokatsu. You will need to keep your whits about you, for it is her place to judge your case. This means you will not offend her or her clan. The Unicorn clan is prickly about their honor, and holds particular beliefs. You will not disgrace yourself in her presence by treating her with disrespect, nor will you shame her office by being observed doing things which are less then honorable.

Ryoko Owari Toshi is a city of many masks, and truth can be found wearing many different masks. Be alert, follow up on what she knows. And above all else, find the true killer of Hida Kumara.

Shosuro Yuuji – Scorpion Clan Kuro

-ooc playernote:

as you can tell this campaign will start out with a murder mystery. However, there is room for all types of PCs in this, including warriors and wizards. From the letter you received certain fact of character design must be followed.
  • no peasant or gaijin weapons may be carried or used obviously. People who wield these weapons are viewed as disgraces, you are ordered to not disgrace yourself.
  • History or Lore: Ryoko Owari, or Scorpion or Unicorn will all be VERY helpful
  • Courtier and Investigation skills will be helpful, even if the party has no true courtier, at least some attention should be payed to some skill ranks in it.
  • Crane and Phoenix clans are absolutely forbidden
  • Lion, Crab, Unicorn, Dragon clan PCs are discouraged; however, if you must play one speak with the DM, a unique back-story must be created and only certain types of characters from those clans may join this campaign under very special circumstances.
  • Minor Clans are not discouraged per say, it will be much easier to explain their inclusion in this campaign, however, they also need to be specially prepped. speak with me if you wish to make one.
  • Ronin are welcomed as much as Ronin are welcomed anywhere. this might be your chance to be adopted into a major samurai house, or at the least make a minor fortune for your good service
  • Any type of Scorpion Clan PC is welcome
  • NOTE: This campaign will be as bloody as you want it to be. You should be able to avoid 90% of the bloodshed if you wish, or you could carve your way across the world. It’s up to you. You do get the same xp reguardless of the bodycount. standard xp rewards are…

+1 point for participation

+1 point good idea, good contribution, making an IC post (travelogue) about the previous quest

+1 point for active participation, constructive contributions

+1 point for good rp

+1 point for achieving a victory and advancing the story

+1 point for achieving (and surviving) a loss and advancing the story (0 points for failure to advice the story)

+2 points for major plot victory

+1 or +2 points for dm discretion

standard quest reward will be about 2 to 3 xp. For players who go the extra mile it will be 4 or 5… 10xp will be the maximum quest reward possible, and likely will not be given out. Note, there is no XP granted in this game (directly) for kills, though there might be DM xp rewards under the discretionary xp pool for specific heroic events related to combat.

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