• Akoto Genshi

    Akoto Genshi

    A lion clan samurai, he is drunken, and slovenly, the worst example of a lion samurai you've ever seen. his hair is dark brown, as are his eyes. he wears a yellow/brown kimono
  • Daidoji Jin

    Daidoji Jin

    A tall, grim vet samurai, and bodyguard for Doji Himari. Is missing an eye, and several fingers, his primary weapon is a Yari
  • Doji Himari

    Doji Himari

    A beautiful crane clan maiden, with pale, unnatural grey hair and purple eyes, typical of the Doji Family
  • Hida Kumara

    Hida Kumara

    A Big Crab Clan warrior, he was found dead in a brothal, in Ryoko Owari
  • Kichirou


    Kichirou stands 5' 10", dressed in a green Kimono, a straw hat on his head and light sandles on his feet. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and his face is covored in scars. He also smells strongly of sake.
  • Matsu Aki

    Matsu Aki

    A lion clan samurai, who is more then willing to help the magistrates hunt down Doji Himari
  • Miki


    a maid in the Doji houshold, personal maidservent for Doji Himari
  • Shiba Takajiin

    Shiba Takajiin

    A rare Shiba family Shigunja
  • Shinjo Haruko

    Shinjo Haruko

    Current Emerald Magistrate for Ryoko Owari
  • Shosuro Chizuru

    Shosuro Chizuru

    An old woman, elegant, who runs the house of blue leaves "tea house" on teardrop island
  • Shosuro Hametsu

    Shosuro Hametsu

    A small shadowy man most speak of as being too weak to lead his family.
  • Shosuro Yuuji

    Shosuro Yuuji

    Daimyo of Yatsuba Castle
  • The Pale Scorpion (Takashi)

    The Pale Scorpion (Takashi)

    Dead Samurai Walking
  • Togashi Hiro

    Togashi Hiro

    A small and deadly looking samurai, with a shaved head and peaceful look in his eyes.