Nobuto Karashi

Jazz's Player Character


NAME: Nobuto Karashi I'll edit this more later

CLAN: Me/Myself/I

SCHOOL:True Ronin


BIO: Nobuto Karashi is owned by no man, and few would dare to say otherwise. While not incredibly intimidating, his fierceness in most situations in remarkable. Crack through the shell, and you will find an almost embarrassingly artsy man. Standing at an above-average 6 feet even, one would not expect grace and trickery in equal proportions. Whether blinding you with smoke, tricking you into stabbing your own heart or simply soothing the savage beast with music, his skill is great. Sadly, as a swordsman he has a long way to travel, and he harbors a darkness of his past that few may see. In the light of day, he is infinitely entertaining, while at night the demons are more noticeable in his nightmares. Never will he speak it, on fear of death.

Ultimately he is a rogue-like bard. Or, bard-like rogue. His kimono is sewn of silver and hair is of the darkest raven, long and usually in a ponytail.

INSIGHT:(rings *10 + skillranks)

(all attributes are base of 2, add your family and school bonuses, the ring is = to the lowest attribute in the ring)

3 Earth:

  • Stamina 3

  • Willpower 3

2_ Water:

  • Strength 3

  • Perception 2

_3 Fire:

  • Agility 3

  • Intelligence 3

2_ Air:

  • Reflexes 2

  • Awareness 3

_2 Void:

  • Void Points Spent 0

Primary Weapon: Katana

  • Roll & Keep to Hit: (agility + weapon skill, keep agility)

  • Roll & Keep to Damage: (strength + weapon)

TN To Be Hit: (reflexes *5 + armor)


Skills/Advantages/Disadvantages: (get 1 free rank in all the skills listed in your school, can raise all skills +2, costs 1 per raise, so school skills can be a max of +3 after creation, non school skills a max of +2)



Music(Koto to start)

Explosives +1


Acting +1


Kenjutsu +1


Read Lips (L5R RPG)

2 points

With a successful Perception roll, you can read the lips of anyone you can see

Personal Mon (Way of the Wolf)Silver. Ocean Wave and Mask

1 point

Any ronin may choose to adopt a mon to represent himself, although many ronin are too preoccupied with matters of survival to bother doing so. Of the mon worn by ronin, the vast majority go totally unnoticed by the samurai of the clans. This ronin's mon, however, is different. Its design is eye-catching and has a quiet symbolism that appeals to the sensibilities of the samurai soul. There is no immediate mechanical benefit for the ronin, but upon the completion of every ten successful assignments undertaken by the ronin, he gains a permanent Free Raise to use in every social situation with a potential employer.

Luck (L5R RPG)

3, points

Rank 1 For every level of Luck, you may re-roll one unsuccessful roll during a session.


Nightmares (Way of the Shadow)

2 points

You are haunted by nightmares and cannot regain Void points and spells by sleeping, but rather must do so by meditation.

Dark Secret (L5R RPG)

5 points

You are keeping a secret that would jeopardize your family's standing if it was revealed. Dark Secrets should not be taken lightly. If a character's secret is ever revealed, he will be expected to commit seppuku to clear the shame. An enemy who gains knowledge of the secret will own the character's life, holding the secret over his head with the very real threat of ruining the character's family.

Damage per rank: (Earth Ring *4)

  • Healthy: 12

  • Grazed (-1):12

  • Hurt (-2): 12

  • Injured (-3):12

  • Badly Wounded (-4):12

  • Down: 12

  • Out: 12

  • Dead: 12

Status: Not so much

Glory: 3.0


Experience Gained:

Experience Spent:

Equipment: Katana, Wakizashi, Bow, 10 arrows, Light Armor, Sandals, Traveling Pack, Koto, Kimono, 20ft braided hair rope, Quiver, Backpack, Flint and Steel, Various Explosives(flash paper, stink bombs, smoke bombs) Paper Lantern, 5 bu (sliver) 30 zeni(copper)


20 Questions

What clan does your character belong to? Nobuto belongs to no man, as clanhood is one step from slavery. His friends are his brothers, and all the the clan he needs.

How would you describe (physically) the character? He is somewhat taller than average, which makes him more intimidating than he has right to be as lifelong follower of the performing arts. His messy long hair, dark, and ambitious crest make him hard to forget. Sometimes, the lack of visual scars can be more frightening than the most disfigured.

Samurai or Shugenja? He has more belief in demons than angels. The life of a samurai persuaded him long ago.

What about Family, are they rich or poor? what about family name, what type of childhood did he have? He doesn’t discuss his family. Period.

Main motivation (in a word or two)? To impress, to change, to overcome.

Who is the person your character trusts most in the world? Himself first, and his best friend second. Sadly, friends don’t last long in a world such as this one. Only the strongest few still remain.

Greatest strength and greatest weakness (personality/traits/physically)? He can play most roles with ease, he’s more handsome than most, and is always in rhythm with the tune of the world. Of course, he’s often stuck somewhere between too serious and not enough, his past sometimes overcomes his sensibilities, and his skill with the blade is improving much more slowly than he would like.

What does your character think about Bushido? Bushido is one of the few arts that has not been mastered, and he is infuriated to no end.

What does your character think about his own clan? His clan is the ocean, the stage, anywhere with people or a stage or the reception of praise.

Is your character married? He was once, but she is a fickle lady. Ronin is his love now.

To whom is your character most loyal? If he loved someone, anyone, he would be hopelessly devoted. That is not the case, currently.

What is your characters most and least favorite things? He loves people, and hates to be alone during the night.

Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? He’s frequently sarcastic, and barely holds his tongue when speaking to dogs of the government. He has a twitch sometimes, and is generally of lighter disposition during the day, and more depressed at night.

What about your character’s psychology or temperament? Different, in a word. A fun guy, unless you get on his bad side. A good actor, until you do something he doesn’t agree with. His temper is not easily aroused, but demonic once achieved.

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant? Karashi would never have a servant. He’s had far too much experience with the social class problems in this life,

How would your character’s parents describe him? They sort of dropped out of a contact awhile ago, so who knows?

What is your character’s highest ambitions? Learn every instrument, play every character, and simultaneously kill the largest enemy the world has ever seen. That’s all.

If you could, what advice would you give your character? Always keep your supplies ready, and just try to get a good night’s sleep one in a while.

How religious is your character? If anyone had right to be a God, Nobuto Karashi would rule them. He’s not, therefore there are no true deities. * *Does your character have any prejudices? He likes to think of himself as a liason of all the people. This isn’t entirely true; he doesn’t like the pompous attitudes of people of a higher social class than himself.

Nobuto Karashi

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